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Expedition Silkroad 2019

The expedition Silk Road runs us from Germany on fantastic trails and breathtaking landscapes. Every day we encounter new cultures, people and adventures.

In 90 days from Germany to Hongkong - 20.000 km adventure. Our expedition on adventurous ski slopes along the legendary silk road runs to Hongkong!

The Silk Road - this is the centuries-old link between the Mediterranean and East Asia, which enabled the first trade between the continents. The Silk Road is also the source of many myths and adventurous stories. And for centuries it has been the destination of every traveler.

We embark on the fascination of the Silk Road, catapulting back in time and traversing this network of old caravan roads, on which, in the western direction, mainly silk, and on the way to the east mainly gold, silver and wool were traded. Following in the footsteps of ancient traders, our 'Silk Road Expedition' takes you on the most adventurous sections of the then important trade routes. We drive 20,000 adventurous miles from southern Germany to far-off Hong Kong. On the way to the Orient we cross the most diverse regions and meet a multitude of peoples. Through the relatively leisurely travel to land we experience during the 13 weeks on the road the gradual changes in the landscape, but also the differences in customs, language and food up close.

From the peaceful Bad Kissingen, our journey takes us across Europe to Baku in Azerbaijan, a convenient start to our expedition on good roads. Our rough compass is and remains for the whole journey the East. Through the Caspian Sea and across Uzbekistan we make our way to Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan. Already here we often exchange the developed roads for unpaved dirt roads. We have long been in the middle of the adventure Silk Road! A dangling south brings us on the Pamir Highway to remote regions of Tajikistan. Even at the base camp of Mount Everest we stop for an overnight stay. From here we travel across the vast China with all its different cultures, until we finally reach Hong Kong in the East China Sea.

The Expedition Silk Road is a journey that will remain in your memory for a long time to come. After months of good and bad roads, over seas, mountains and endless expanses, we will be able to say that we have added our own to the adventurous stories of the legendary Silk Road!

On this expedition, only a few participants places are available (5-6 vehicles per 2 persons). Advice to equip your vehicle coming soon!

The expedition will be accompanied by experienced professional guides!

For more information in english send us a short inquiry!


Starts in Germany - Bad Kissingen and ends in Hongkong!

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