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Incentive Travel Adventure

Experience with Special Adventure your vacation dreams. Incentive travel, adventure travel, expeditions, experience travel, Offroad travel, safaris, photo travel as well as events and incentives.

Nature travel, active travel, experience travel, off-road travel, adventure travel, tailor made adventure and expeditionsn walking travel, photo travel, trekking tours, expeditions, Incentive travel, Teambuilding as well as Events and Incentives.

We go with you to the last paradises of this earth, individually or in small groups.

We arrange adventures in Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Europe, Tunesien, Morocco, Mali, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania and Zambia.

Special Adventure

For the Arctic and Antarctic we have special journeys with professional Guides.

Our instructors, Ellen Lohr and Jutta Kleinschmidt, provide for you the specialized knowledge with Driving Events which can be organized in your local area or on an adventure. We are also happy to provide advice on the right equipment for your adventure.

In our SAFEonTOUR® seminar we provide you the training and techniques needed to cope with emergencies, accidents and diseases for your adventure Events and Incentives for companies as customer connection or coworker motivation round our spectrum off. We can also provide outstanding possibilities your enterprise in Germany.

The world is an adventure and that begins here!
Special Adventure Team Düsseldorf

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